Relocating is never easy, but when the move takes you across state lines, you may feel another level of concern. Moving involves a lot of preparation to prevent headaches and hassles that could affect your entire move. Use the moving checklist below to reduce the stress of moving to a new state.

Determine Your Budget for Moving to a New State

The American Moving and Storage Association reports that it costs an average of $4,430 to hire a moving company for an out-of-state move. That doesn’t take into consideration other expenses that you’ll encounter, such as the costs of moving supplies, transporting vehicles, etc. Even DIY moves become expensive when you tally up the costs of renting a truck, moving help, packing materials, and other miscellaneous fees. Determine your moving budget ahead of time and stick to it as closely as possible.

Visit the New City & State

Visit your new city and state before moving. When you visit, you get a feel for the area and begin to learn your way around. Stop by the local Chamber of Commerce to pick up brochures and visitor/new resident information while you’re in town. Explore neighborhoods, parks, and local hangouts during your visit as well.

Do Your Research

If you have school-aged children, go online to research schools in your new city. Learn about the schools in the neighborhood or research private schools if you prefer this option. When planning your move, start looking into doctors, dentists, and veterinarians. Also, research other necessities for the move, like moving companies and rental trucks. With a bit of planning, you’ll make the best choice for the job.

Before Moving to a New State, Create a Packing Plan

Start packing as soon as possible after the move is official. Pack non-essential items and get them out of the way first. Non-essentials includes anything you won’t need before the move. Pack the essentials last, including items like toiletries and dishes. Use a black permanent marker to clearly label each box with the contents inside.

Transfer Utilities When Moving to a New State

Contact your utility providers to alert them of the move. Since you are moving to a new state, a new company will likely be needed for electricity, water, internet, cable, and other services used in the home.

Forward Mail

Don’t forget to notify the post office of your move and complete a change of address form. They’ll forward some of your mail, but things like magazines do not qualify for forwarding service, leaving it up to you to notify the senders of your change of address.

Make Moving to a New State Simple

Use the checklist above to make moving to a new state easier. There’s plenty to do to prepare for a smooth move, but when you’ve planned ahead, getting things done is much easier. This checklist will help you prepare for moving day.

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