Do you associate poor air quality with smog in big cities? There are pollutants in the air outdoors, but there are also contaminants in indoor air. The quality of the air you breathe at home can be worse than the air outside because contaminants are more concentrated. The following tips will help you improve indoor air quality.

What are the Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality?

The following are some of the ways pollutants enter your home:

  • VOCs come from cleaning products and furniture materials.
  • Dirty HVAC dust and filters circulate dust and allergens.
  • Pets create dust and dander.
  • Mold spores get in the air.

How Can I Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Change the HVAC Filter

Your HVAC system works to heat and cool your home year-round. It also filters the indoor air. Over time, the HVAC filters become clogged and the air quality diminishes.Keep replacement air filters on hand for when the current filter needs to be replaced. Change out the filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, usually every three months. If you have family members who suffer from allergies or asthma, you may want to change the filter more frequently.

Clean Carpets and Rugs to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Carpeting and rugs trap dirt, dust, pet dander, and other particles in their fibers. Vacuum carpets and rugs at least weekly, using a vacuum with a HEPA filter for best results.

Clean or Replace Household Filters

Some home appliances use air filters to trap contaminants as they work. To improve indoor air quality, you’ll want to replace or clean these filters several times per year.

  • Air purifiers
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Hood vents

Improve Indoor Air Quality With Houseplants

Some houseplants are nature’s own air filters. Houseplants contribute to your interior decor and they improve the air quality in your home. Plants contribute to healthier air by removing contaminants. Large palm trees, lilies, and ferns are good choices for improving air quality.

Clean the Air Ducts

Your air ducts distribute heated or cooled air throughout the house to keep the temperature comfortable. However, if you don’t keep them properly maintained, then those same air ducts distribute contaminants into the air. Mold, dander, and dust may accumulate inside the ducts. Improve indoor air quality by hiring a professional to clean the ducts every few years. Wipe down all air vents to remove dust and debris during your regular house cleaning routine.

Use Ventilation Fans to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Cooking releases contaminants into the air from heating fats and oils at high temperatures. Open a window and turn on your kitchen’s ventilation fan when using the stove.

Keep Humidity to a Minimum

Asthma and allergies are often exacerbated by mold and mildew that develop in humid environments. To prevent mold, use bathroom ventilation fans to reduce humidity when bathing or showering. Use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity in other areas of the home.

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