Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose Simplex Inspection Services?

Simplex Inspection Services is a friendly, family-owned home and commercial building inspection business. We have some of the best-trained and friendliest home inspectors in all of Texas. Our inspectors are licensed and certified in every aspect of home and building inspection. From top to bottom and everything in between, Simplex Inspection Services will look at it all and insure that everything is up to standard.

How Important Is A Home Inspection?

A qualified and complete evaluation of the exterior and interior of a house from a Simplex Inspection Services inspector provides a very clear picture of the working status of all electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling systems within the home. Our certified home inspections provide valuable information regarding possible damage, structural defects, and potential problem areas that sellers or buyers can bring to the negotiation table.

Signs That you may Need a Residential Inspection

Simplex Inspection Services recommends undergoing an inspection whenever purchasing or selling a property, even if it is relatively new or renovated. Here are a few signs to look out for that usually indicate a more in-depth inspection is needed.

Do I Need To Have My Upstairs Doors and Windows Checked?

It is always a good idea to check the doors and windows on the top floor of a structure to see if they open and close properly and easily. This will allow us to see if there is a problem with the foundation. Simplex Inspection Services will be able to assess foundation issues like unevenness and slight sinking or crookedness to one side. Usually, those types of issues cause the windows and doors to shift because any type of change in the foundation will result in lopsidedness.

Why Does My House Smell Weird?

If your house has a musty, mildew scent and feels damp and humid, then further investigations should be carried out. An odd smell could indicate that there is a moisture problem in the house which is often the result of moisture problems and mold.