If you plan to grill out this summer, your preparations likely include putting together a menu and inviting all your friends and family to your gathering. Don’t forget to prepare your grill and make sure it is safe before using it. Keep loved ones from harm this season by practicing grill safety at cookouts.

Grill Safety at Cookouts

You won’t be properly prepared for cookout season without planning for grill safety. Read on for the best safety tips for upcoming barbecues.

1. Grill Outside the House

One of the most important grilling safety tips is to always grill outdoors. Gas and charcoal grills should never be used inside the home. Even when used outside or on the patio, it is important that grills are away from any structures. 27% of home fires caused by grills happened when the grill was used on a patio, terrace, or courtyard, and 29% started on a porch or balcony.

2. To Improve Grill Safety, Only Grill on Stable Ground

Pay careful attention to how your grill is set up before you begin cooking. Placing your grill on an uneven surface is dangerous. The grill should be stable at all times to reduce the risk of it tipping over.

3. Grilling Safety Includes Cleaning the Grill Regularly

Clean your grill thoroughly after every use. Grease build-up on uncleaned grills is a fire hazard. After the grill cools, remove any fat or grease and scrub the grill grate. Failing to do so will not only leave the grill dirty, it can lead to potential fires.

4. Monitor Your Grill for Gas Leaks

Before you start barbecuing, it’s important to make sure your gas grill is safe to use. Inspect the gas line for cracks or breaks. Apply a water and soap solution onto the grill’s hose. After turning on the gas, if the solution forms bubbles, there is a gas leak. If the hose is leaking, it needs to be replaced before use. Pay attention to propane smells as they can signal a gas leak.

5. Never Leave the Grill Unattended

You should never walk away from a lit grill, especially if there are young children or pets in the area. Always have an adult supervise the grill while cooking and until it’s turned off or the fire is out.

6. Be Careful When Using Charcoal Starter Fluid

Charcoal starter fluid should only ever be used on a charcoal grill. Additionally, it should only be used before lighting the fire for the first time. If the fire begins to dim, don’t add more flammable liquids. Use a chimney starter or newspaper to stoke the flames back to life.

Make sure your friends and family stay safe this summer during cookouts. Keep these grilling safety tips in mind when getting ready to barbecue this season.

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